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star knob nut type “Star”, head diameter 30/40/50mm

specification – legend

A head-diameter A	 
B thread	 
C headheight B	 
D shaft height C	 
E shaft diameter D

two-piece head of the star knob nut (base and head) nylon PA6, nut DIN 934 zinc plated pressed in

Colour: black
minimum quantity: 100 pcs.

Colour: white, silvergrey
minimum quantity: 3.000 pcs.

special colours, two-coloured, special sizes and stainless steel thread upon request
star knob nut also available with through hole in head part!
star knob nut upon request also with self-securing effect in head part

Prices in Euro per 100 pcs.
Auspr. AAuspr. BAuspr. CAuspr. DAuspr. EPreis ab 100 Stk.Preis ab 500 Stk.Preis ab 1000 Stk.Preis ab 3000 Stk.Preis ab 5000 Stk.Preis ab 10000 Stk.
StarVM30 M 5Ausprägungen & Preise30M510815100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
StarVM30 M 6Ausprägungen & Preise30M610815100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
StarVM40 M 6Ausprägungen & Preise40M614817100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
StarVM40 M 8Ausprägungen & Preise40M 814817100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
StarVM50 M 8Ausprägungen & Preise50M 816722100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
StarVM50 M10Ausprägungen & Preise50M1016722100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Sternmutter50 M8Ausprägungen & Preise50M 8x1212820100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
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