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Plastic cover caps for screws with cross slit

specification – legend
A	head diameter K	
B	colour standard or special

Use see schedule below

material: Polyethylene
minimum quantity: 1.000 pieces
standard colour:
-71 maize yellow
-72 white similar to RAL 9010
-73 light ivory near toRAL1015
-74 brown beige near to RAL1011
-75 silvergrey near to RAL7001
-78 lightgrey near to RAL7035
-80 mahagoni near to RAL8016
-81 fawnbrown near to RAL8007
-82 ochre brown near to RAL8001
-86 black near to RAL9005

special colours: from 20.000 pieces up

special sizes and models upon request

Prices in Euro per 100 pcs.
Auspr. AAuspr. BPreis ab 1000 Stk.Preis ab 3000 Stk.Preis ab 5000 Stk.Preis ab 10000 Stk.
12/2,2/2,5PhilippsAusprägungen & Preise12100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Spankappe12,Gr.2 SonderfarbeAusprägungen & Preise12Sonderfarbe100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Spankappe12,Gr.2 StandardfarbeAusprägungen & Preise12Standardfarbe100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Spankappe15,Gr.3 SonderfarbeAusprägungen & Preise15Sonderfarbe100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Spankappe15,Gr.3 StandardfarbeAusprägungen & Preise15Standardfarbe100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
Spankappe17,Gr.3 rustikalAusprägungen & Preise17100,00100,00100,00100,00add to cart
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